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I have a confession to make. Trust me, it's not just you!  We hear it everyday from our clients in all different business sectors..." the pace, the speed, the swiftness of digital changes are overwhelming me!  These changes are changing the way I do business, market and sell my products. I don't have time to focus on my business".

We too are bombarded with this short of breath rat race every day.   The difference is we love it.   We thrive on it and we have figured out how to make it all work for you.    Our goal is to unravel and untangle this new marketing language.   We are evolving as a company that started with swanky web design, print design and new media design to marketing strategy plans that combine traditional advertising (web, billboards, print, tv, radio, press releases) with social's all simply called SOCIAL now.  That's Lesson number one!


We are now also helping companies sort it all out, create a linear checklist, implement the actual marketing and then, measure, measure, measure, and move the freight train forward.   We have seen what investing a dollar can do; it can earn you two more dollars and factorial that.  As a client said this morning, "I don't mind investing in my firm, to make a profit. I get it!"  So don't waste another sleepless night wondering where you should throw the next dart, leave that to us!


We are also implementing a lunchtime training series called "The CEO Has to Know".   We are your insurance policy for all things digital and SOCIAL.   Got a question, we have the answer.   In fact, send me yours and we will create it as a topic.  In our monthly e-newsletter, we will be providing tips on digital issues that you have always been wondering about, Tips to grow your business and Tips that float my boat!  We also promise to share some office practical jokes, laughter, and definitely some useless information too!

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My team of experts all have special technical skills from marketing analytics, how to read them, strategy planning, creativity and programming and they are just simply fun to work with.  Meet Aprile, Ed, Caroline and mealong the way. I have a background in medical and computer information publishing, 10 years experience as an adjunct professor teaching web, multimedia, graphics and became the first person in the country to teach Podcasting.  I am the founder of iColor Studio, LLC providing Madison Avenue creativity at South Jersey prices since 1999!   I have recently added a comedy career to my list of credits…and I keep hearing, keep your day job!


Thank you for opting into our newsletter, updates, training and tips. Feel free to share this with a friend (bottom of newsletter).  Our goal is to get you from zero to 65, fast, efficiently and economically.  We promise not to disappoint!


Our lunchtime, Go-to-Meeting Training allows you to learn at lunchtime, without going anywhere.  Training is priced reasonably at $9.95 per hour session with time for Q/A. And even better, we plan to donate $1 from every signup to  Check out the video on ....Foodnetwork and Jeff Bridges are supporting the movement of NoKidHungry2018 and you will see that one in four of students in America go to school hungry. Teenagers are impacted the most as they are embarrassed to take advantage of the free and reduced lunch programs that are offered by schools.There is a movement and a pledge on the website to prevent hunger in our own backyard.  Please join us.  I am a great believer that to become happy, one must make others happy.

Have a go get ‘em kind of day.


Rita Christensen