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Rita Bakey Christensen

CEO/Founder of iColor Studio and The Poducator™️

So what do we do? We really help our clients/customers retire earlier with in-house digital marketing strategies and entrenching ourselves in the latest, best, most innovative, digital strategies for reaching the top of the search engines! For getting you reviews, for helping you look great, and get the leads you need to surpass your profit goals.

iColor Studio was founded in 1999 by Rita Bakey Christensen. The Poducator ™️was trademarked in 2008 to promote, produce and train in all things Podcasting. She was the first college professor to teach podcasting in the United States at the college level. Rita knew that just this one class could provide a student a livelihood if the podcast was produced well, designed well, and promoted well with ad sponsorship. And today, podcasting has exploded! Millennials love it.

Rita Christensen iColorStudio

Rita combined her work experiences from the medical publishing field, computer publishing, and art director at a 15 location career training careers to start her own firm. She accrued digital design skills, management skills (as Corporate Secretary for Auerbach Publishers), Executive Assistant at the W. B. Saunders Company (assisting three CBS appointed presidents), Art Director at Absolute Marketing Group and assignment editor at the Journal/Trend in Voorhees, New Jersey that have helped the success of iColor Studio.

Rita’s experience includes high-end digital design, editing skills, developmental editing, and 20+ years experience in all things Adobe. But most importantly, her strongest suit is customer relationships. We make the marketing journey not only creative but simply fun and over the top successful!

In iColor Studio’s early years, Rita was sought after by a local college to teach digital design for 12 years and it was there she became the first college instructor to teach Podcasting in 2008. She established her firm thinking it would provide more time for her family and the flexibility to watch her daughters play field hockey and softball in elementary school, high school and college. For a very short time that worked, but quickly within a year of starting the business, General Electric became one of our clients and the rest is history.

We became known for Madison Avenue creativity at South Jersey prices right from the beginning. We take great pride in our fairness, our creativity and putting our clients’ needs first.

iColor Studio has helped several hundred clients exceed their own expectations visually, digitally and fiscally! We like to call digital marketing the “invisible” part of what we do to help our clients grow and succeed. While it may be invisible, it’s the premium fuel that helps a business grow. A recent client saw their web visitors grow from 2000K visits to over 200K visits! In addition, we have brought this same client over 6000 phone calls a month. How do we do it? Constant education, staying on top of the curve while keeping our nose to the ground….keeping a watchful eye on markets, budgets and timelines. Crazy? Our formula works.

Most of the time, our clients (new and recurring), just tell us their business problem and we solve it. Yes, we have clients we started with back in 1999. That says a lot!

iColor Studio has developed it’s own in-house sauce for SEO, catapulting many of our clients to the first page and top of Google’s ranking…and very quickly, sometimes in 24 hours. We added Paid Search and Digital Marketing Strategies to our list of print and web services as the market evolved. And as the marketing tactics advanced from primitive websites operating on their own, to very sleek designed sites with fuel. And recently, the most sought after service is Reputation Management. Call us, ask us about it, because it could change your business for the better, and very quickly.

Around 2010, social media hit and we immediately signed up 30 clients within six months creating business sites with apps, coupons, and strategies to bring companies larger audiences.

Our experience is comprised of health organizations, energy management, construction, restaurants, schools, universities, non-profits, led lighting industry, mortgage firms, accountants, attorneys, dental society, college planning, denture firms, new product introductions, powdered milk, wd40 green competitor, energy brokers, merchant services, podcast promotion, podcast websites, wedding venues, ambulance distributor and realtors.

Rita has found time to enjoy stand up after her daughters left the nest and began a comedy group called Stopless Laugh Productions - a clean comedy group performing for non-profits and corporations. She and Aprile have plans for their own very unique, podcast. Stay tuned.

Rita was educated at Camden County College, St. Joseph’s University, University of the Arts, Moore College of Art. 4.0/Liberal Arts/Communications and Accounting

Google Adwords Certified Partner


Vice President, Senior Partner and Digital Marketing Strategist

Most of the time a client seeks our expertise because their products and services are hiding on the second or third page of the Google Search Engine. It’s no secret that a business cannot expect ANY results from a customer’s search if their business is on the second page and beyond on the Google search engine. You MUST be on the first page. We have several strategies to achieve that, including an in-house sauce that will ensure your site was designed correctly to attract that kind of traffic in the first place!

At iColor Studio, we analyze a client’s business, their competitors, their customers and study their distinct purchasing habits, and match up the business with unique online tools, platforms, and services to reach as many potential new customers as possible. The internet isn’t new any longer, but the digital tools and tactics we use are evolving at such an accelerated pace that we are often consulted by other agencies because of our vast knowledge and success. Our clients are enjoying the success of our hard work and creative genius.

Vince Cocciolone Senior Video Specialist


Senior Video Specialist

iColor Studio can handle all your multimedia needs. Our video department has produced programs and DVDs for major corporate clients like Sony Music, IBM, FedEx Ground, The Allstate Sugar Bowl, United Way, The Indy 500, Discover Orange Bowl, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Blogworld, and The BCS Championship Game.

For a major production, podcast, television commercial, video intro for your website or just a short thirty-second explainer video, you are guaranteed a quality experience that will deliver your company great campaign results. iColor Studio prides itself on offering affordable pricing while delivering quick high-quality turnaround. iColor Studio can de-liver assets at all budget ranges starting at $500. Give us a call and we can discuss your project and find the right package for your budget needs.

We can visit your location. Most of our clients prefer that. iColor Studio’s production director, Vince Cocciolone has over 30 years of experience in major market TV, DVD production, and online video. From producing video for the late Michael Jackson’s greatest hits “History” album to twice setting up a studio for George Bush to practice for the presidential debates. Vince has professionally produced more per-edited-minute of footage for clients than any other video facility on the east coast.

Our Production Director brings a diverse 35 years of experience in advertising, video and major-market television.

Vince’s experience includes:

• very fast-paced newsrooms and production studios for NBC, CBS and ABC Affiliates.
• developing a format and video production plan for one of the first home shopping networks.
• twice in charge of a TV studio set-up for a presidential debate
• is highly recommended to offices on Capitol Hill from many Senate staffs and Supreme Court Justice William Brennan.
• trained foreign journalists and correspondents in techniques of Network TV News Production in the editing booth.



Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Small business marketing veteran Ed's goal is to help small businesses position themselves to reach customers searching for solutions and services. He is an SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing, Reputation and Display Ad specialist to companies and agencies throughout the United States.



Senior Web Designer and Developer

Caroline Vega is a WordPress designer, digital marketing & SEO consultant & writer. A former personal finance consultant and insurance broker, Caroline uses her extensive experience to develop websites, content and SEO strategies.