Building an Audience & Ranking in Google

Ever Wonder How All the Other Websites Get the Attention, and You Are Not?

We did too. And so the journey began to unearth the secrets and algorithms of Google.

Ranking in Google - Build Your AudienceRanking in Google

There are over 200 Google algorithms that make your site sing and get a standing ovation.

We have ramped all that up by harnessing the full power of the internet.  So since 1999, we have been working diligently to get our clients ranked by the dominant search engine, Google.

It can be challenging, but we know, not think, that our in-house formula brings fast results, ranking our clients high and bringing them visitors and thereby hot leads.

We're Dedicated to You & Your Business

When your kitchen sink floods like a fire hydrant, you usually don’t fix it yourself. Rely on the agenda that basks in strong business integrity (always), personal dedication to your business success and ingenuity, creativity, and persistence.

The beauty you see in us is the reflecting of your business success. We are all about it.

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About Rita Christensen

Rita Christensen, CEO, iColor Studio, full service ad agency providing Madison Avenue creativity at South Jersey prices since 1999. Christensen was an Adjunct Professor for 12 years teaching graphic design, Podcasting, Photoshop, Electronic Layout and Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. She is a standup comedian and enjoys the outdoors, adventure, Vermont and her family! She does public speaking and training with a minimum of 3 months notice.