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I guess I ever fully understood the differences among Vision, Values and Mission. Here’s my take in a week that won’t end! 🙂

Vision/Leadership is about our business, iColor Studio, where we see ourselves in the market, the future, our intuition, new innovations.

Values is also about our business, iColor Studio. Describing our core values, what makes us tick, trust, ethics, what we stand for. What makes customers partner with us. How we contribute to the world, the web.


Mission is about YOU, our customer. What we can do for you. What makes us get up in the morning.

iColor Studio has been in business since 1999 and I never wrote a formal mission state, value statement or a vision. I thought it was a waste of time. I don’t think that way anymore. Our clients and potential clients should know some riveteing things about us. What sets us apart from others.

I started the new year off and have been taking a daily Mind Valley course (https://www.mindvalley.com) which has made me think on a deeper level about a lot of things. And there are a lot of things you may not know about us! It’s a 45 day commitment. I’ll report my findings and “aha” moments in a few weeks.

VALUES/72 hour a day/15 days a week

Well, we like to have fun. We love it when our customers enjoy our sense of fun. We at iColor Studio are about very strong business ethics, commitment to our clients’ business health and growth. That’s a 72 hour a day/15 days a week pledge from us. We eat, think, drink and sleep on new innovative ideas for our clients. The web is ever evolving and so we have had to join that wave. Makes for interesting work for sure. Dashboards, more dashboards, for assisting us in these tasks. If we cheat anyone, it’s ourselves, never a client. We have set a tough act to follow in terms of being ahead of the curve, especially in the SEO world.

We literally (and our clients can attest to this) are on the lookout for new avenues, new markets that are right under their noses. Since 1988, I have dealt with over 16,800,000 colors on the Mac and yet I can’t pick out a new color for my mailbox! I let others help me with that. I know my limitations. Yet, I LOVE selecting colors, brands, designing logos, etc. for our customers. Been doing it since 1988 on the Mac without the help of rubber cement and X-acto knives!

We are also about serving others and have been a proud supporter of New Kid Hungry for five years.

Click here if you can feed kids monthly for $50/month; it’s worth it.

A $50 tax-deductible monthly gift can provide hungry kids with up to 500 meals every month.

This helps us sleep at night. That’s it, that’s our value; commitment to others, paying clients and not.


iColor Studio is the number one ad agency for designing sleek graphic design, building traffic, igniting success and fueling excitement about your brand, products and services (both B2B and B2C). You don’t get interns for your work, you get seasoned, experienced, innovative, creatives for your projects, including a Google certified Paid Search expert. No expensive monthly retainers; we work project by project since 1999.


Our mission is simply to bring our clients more business and keep them laughing and having fun along the way.

Kardashian results on a Chevrolet Spark budget. Or in another words, our 20 year old tagline:
Madison Avenue creativity at South Jersey prices (since 1999).

Rita Christensen,
CEO and Founder
iColor Studio, LLC

About Rita Christensen

Rita Christensen, CEO, iColor Studio, full service ad agency providing Madison Avenue creativity at South Jersey prices since 1999. Christensen was an Adjunct Professor for 12 years teaching graphic design, Podcasting, Photoshop, Electronic Layout and Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. She is a standup comedian and enjoys the outdoors, adventure, Vermont and her family! She does public speaking and training with a minimum of 3 months notice.