About Us

Rita Christensen, CEO

Have a successful, idea nurturing kind of day. I have been in publishing and advertising all of my career. Beginning at the W. B. Saunders Company in Philadelphia (now Reed Elsevier) and now CEO, of iColor Studio, LLC. I absolutely love to get up and design "in your face graphics", create social media marketing campaigns and now, Podcasting. I teach at a local college to keep abreast of all things digital and the latest technologies that will help our clients look great and advance their businesses economically and successfully.

iColor Studio, LLC is a boutique advertising agency that does everything from print design, to web design, to new media (presentation) design to Flash animation to Podcasting. We have over 25 years experience in media design and have designed book covers, trade show exhibits, billboards, logos, ebooks, etc. We are strong in creativity, technical knowledge, file formats, PDF fillable forms, programming, etc. We deliver Madison Avenue creativity at South Jersey prices.

Whatever your advertising project, print, web, new media, we are your one stop source for producing edgy, swanky, smokin', slammin', serious, silly, sexy, singin' graphics. We work project by project, so there are never any high monthly retainer fees. We truly love what we do and have been doing it for a very long time.

We keep our clients up to date in the latest technologies and marketing techniques on the web.

Recently we entered the Podcasting arena. We are owners of The PoducatorĀ® and can produce, promote and train companies about the enriching benefits of Podcasting. Podcasting takes your advertising expense and sends it to the income side of your account. Call us today for a quote and a consult on Podcasting.

The book, "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" states very plainly that it is not good enough anymore to have a Web site for your business. You need a Podcast, blog, video, news releases, social media links and very good search engine optimization to help your business grow. We do it all. CALL US TODAY: 856.768.3598 or email me directly at rita@icolorstudio.com.

Wendy Manganaro, Partner

Wendy joined our firm as full partner in January, 2010, bringing new energy, talent and expertise in Social Media. She exudes and exemplifies everything, iColor: and that is, personal service, outstanding ethics, creativity and placing our firm, always a step ahead in technology.

Wendy has kept current with the Facebook craze, which by if Facebook is compared to a geographical country, it'd would be the third largest country in the world.

Through Wendy's unquenchable thirst for social media knowledge, iColor Studio, LLC is also known as the be all and end all in all things Social Media. We are able to create your accounts, get your followers, notoriety, make your business an industry leader, but most importantly, bring you new business, new customers and a return on your investment with us. We have packages and plans for all budgets. And we can create a social media marketing plan for small firms and "we fly to you" sized firms. Contact us to find out what social media marketing package is for you: wendy@icolorstudio.com.

Why we've enjoyed sucCess since 1999

We absolutely love to do what we do....in your face graphics, interact with our clients; we are learning about other businesses and how they work and are able to connect folks up with the right faces and firms to move their businesses forward.

We honor deadlines. We transform your vision into a digital reality. We harness the power of the Internet, digital design and Flash animation.


Have a successful, idea nurturing kind of day.

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What Do We Do


All things digital: print, web, social media, new media and now Podcasting.
Ask us how Social Media can ramp up your business success and how Podcasting can bring your business income. We can even building you a contact page, an html page and a shopping cart in Facebook! It's simply amazing.



We honor our clients' deadlines.
No sense providing a masterpiece, if we miss the deadline, miscalculate expenses. We respect our clients' needs and provide them the best custom design and marketing available today.


Helping customers look their digital business best and bringing them the latest in marketing expertise and success! We are a certified SBE, WBE and DBE firm including national certifications with NJ Transit, NJ DOT.